Review Policies

I will review samples, but reserve the right not to review any sample and will privately discuss why with the provider should that ever occur.  

Except those noted as "gift/sample or from a wine event i.e. WBC tours and tastings (marked WBC11)".  All wines reviewed are paid for (retail, either by me or others). Reviews are simply my notes incorporating other opinions at the table and a diary of the meal/pairing/event.

There will ALWAYS be a delay in my reviews. As each review is usually a pairing, generally there is at least a one month lag between when a bottle comes into the house and a review is written.  There may be a longer lag with cookbooks (although I may start cooking from them immediately - it is always the luck of the draw).  

Please e-mail me if you would like your product to be reviewed on Anna Uncorked.
Publishing:  In addition to AnnaUncorked, I cross post to Twitter @AnnaUncorked and on Facebook.

Samples & Events: 

Wine Samples:  I accept samples, but reserve the right to not review them.  (If I choose not to review, I will write privately to the provider why). Any wine that I review that is a sample, I will list the retail price along with a disclaimer ($29.99/Sample). Only one bottle is necessary.

Book Samples: I review wine related books and cookbooks. Cookbooks are preferred in classic book format, all others I prefer in e-book format. When I review cookbooks, I prefer to make at least 10% of the recipes and will pair them with appropriate wines.

Other Wine Related Samples: I will demo and review wine related products, but I am writing my personal opinion. If I choose not to review a sample product, I will privately discuss my reasons why with the sample provider.

Restaurant Reviews: I review pairing dinners for the blog. I am at many events that are free to the "press" and I will review the hosting restaurant in the context of the meal and the wine pairing.
Advertising:  I use Google AdWorks and Amazon Associates for my advertising revenue.  In the case of a sponsored wine related event (where I am comped for the event/class) I do reserve space on the blog leading up to the event for promotional purposes.

Events/Classes:  If you would like to invite me to your event/tasting/classes as a writer, I'll come with my Nikon in hand and I will write about it here on Anna Uncorked. Anything written will be my personal opinion and all pictures taken will be for publishing.