Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gluten-Free Chocolate-Almond Thumbprint Cookies #BittenWordCookies #FoodandWine

Ho, ho, ooooh no...Santa's got a gluten problem.

`tis the season, and I am TRYING to get in the festive holiday spirit, so when Zach & Clay over at the Bitten Word announced that this year's cover-to-cover would be Christmas cookies, I signed up immediately.  As I waited for my assignment, there were visions of sugar plums and silver balls in my head. (you know those tiny silver balls that cracked teeth back in the day? Those were the days when  a Christmas Cookie was part sugar rush, and part fear of an emergency trip to the dentist).  When my assignment arrived, it was a healthy, and au courant - Food & Wine Magazine's Gluten-Free Chocolate-Almond Thumbprint Cookies.

I was apprehensive.  What is Christmas without SUGAR? Well, there is plenty of honey in these cookies to compensate for the lack of good old bleached and refined sugar. To add to the uniqueness of the recipe, this is a Christmas cookie without FLOUR- the cookies are made with not in your average grocery store almond flour (thank you Trader Joe's, you are always there when I need you).

This challenge was  my first gluten free baking experience, I made my first caramel with honey and coconut milk and coconut oil.   And you know what? They aren't too bad.  I'll admit I had more fun styling the cell phone photo and drinking the port (Santa LOVES Graham's Six Grape Port)

Well, Zach & Clay, I did it.  I'm still not quite in the holiday spirit, but I am getting there.

A slideshow of the process:

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