Monday, July 21, 2014

Paso Robles Wine: History and Innovation. Sponsored by #PasoRoblesWine & #TravelPaso

What are you waiting for? You still have a chance to fall in love with a young, vibrant, vivacious and intoxicating wine region.  Paso Robles is Napa's kid sister: She's pretty, she's welcoming, and well, she just tries harder...  she can be pretty boozy too (YOU try tasting a series of six Zinfandels at 10am! - but that's a story for another post....) - When you taste wines from Paso Robles, you are in for some amazing surprises.

I was thrilled to be a part of a pre #WBC14 trip as a guest of PasoRoblesWineCountry and Travel Paso Robles Alliance.
My first taste of Paso Robles was at a seminar hosted by Niner Wine Estates in their beautiful LEED Certified Production Facility. Located in the heart of Paso Robles, Niner was a breathtaking place to start our tasting adventure.

To my surprise, the first wine I tasted was a Pinot Grigio/Grenache Blanc/Falanghina Castoro Cellars' Whale Rock Estate 2013 Balena White Blend (right) was a light, delicious, refreshing blend that on first taste
made me want to take the glass and run out into the lavender field and savor it in the sunshine. Yes, to get to the Niner Winer Estates production room, we had to walk past rosemary hedges and a lavender field. (I now dream about rosemary hedges and lavender fields)

Where else but Paso Robles could I taste Giornata Wines' Luna Matta Vinyard Nebbiolo`11 a complex native fermentation wine, made by a husband and wife team from grapes that leaf out on Valentines's day.  This new world Nebbiolo, dubbed "love in a bottle" is sold in Italy, the ancestral home of Nebbiolo, where is on restaurant wine lists in Milan. (Not bad for a 48 case production year!)

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