Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Anam Cara Rosé of Pinot Noir `11 *** #WBC12

I flew in for the annual Wine Bloggers Conference #WBC12 this year in Portland Oregon.  My friend Valerie, Wine Dog Review's writer, blogger and producer hosted a #WINELOVERS Wine County Dinner.  Sadly, I was at 36,00 feet when all my wine writer friends sat down to a local cheese tasting, with wine pouring throughout the night as they made their way through four delicious courses prepared by Chef Abby McManigle of Tina's Bistro.  Even though I was five hours late, they saved some plates for me! And some wine!!!

I fell in love with this Anam Cara  Rosé of Pinot Noir.  It was really well balanced, fresh, pretty with just a hint of sweetness. At 12% ETOH I was in no danger of a headache the next morning.  I paired it with poached salmon with tarragon, new potatoes and beets...  Well, even though Nikita and Jory (the dogs of Wine Dog Review) were begging for some scraps form the table, I showed great will power and I didn't share.

I ate out of sequence and then moved on to the starter: a delicious duck salad, and then braised lamb on a bed of farro.  Dessert was a fresh, local berry riff on shortcake, paired with Anam Cara dessert wine (there was just enough left in the bottle).

Experiences like last night are why I love writing about wine.  I meet the most amazing people, and we get share memorable meals and adventures.  And I had a chance to discover a fantastic Oregon wine producer:  Anam Cara. Thank you Valerie!

When Wine Writers Party.... The Aftermath

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