Friday, February 10, 2012

Shaya Verdejo DO `09 $14.99 ***

Tart is good.  Tart and crisp is yummy.  Tart, crisp with a lingering finish?  You have this 100% Spanish Verdejo, 13.5% ETOH. Minerality with a long grapefruit finish. Which is really strange because their tasting notes say crisp tart apple. hmm, I guess I just disagree on the flavors. It is flavorful, smooth and delicious.

I like it as a stand alone sipping wine (I am sipping as I type this) and also as a foil for heavier meats.  (we had it with leftover Superbowl BBQ, and it worked!)  But I imagine this with a thick slab of rich salmon or even a spicy seared tuna.

Either way, it is a good wine. A slug of flavor with each mouthful, a slowly dissolving citrus finish and a side of the tongue tingling minerality.  A really nice combination.

I am really liking the white wines from Spain's Roueda region. The full Spanish name for this wine is:Bodegas Y Vinedos Shaya Rueda Old Vines.  When they say old vines, they mean between 75 and 112 years old.  For $14.99, it is a great value.

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