Monday, January 23, 2012

Scuttlehole Chardonnay, `09 $17.99 ***(*)

I was visiting my non-wino friends who were just back from vacation.  We caught up, did some shopping, a lot of laundry and I cooked up a rack of lamb and hand cut french fries for dinner.  (as this was multicultural Manhattan, there was a bowl of fresh steamed edamame on the table for a veg)

I hadn't brought any wine, and I was expecting to go without, when low and behold we found a bottle of Channing Daughters Scuttlehole Chardonnay in the fridge.  It was of indeterminate provenance ("Didn't YOU leave that there?" I was asked) and well, it was a crapshoot.  I had never heard of the winery nor the wine.  (and I thought that I knew the North Fork... I have a lot to learn.) As you can see from the four stars above, I got lucky.  It really is a solid three star all around wine, but I gave it a fourth for being from a small producer on Long Island. The more I am exposed to small artisanal wines, the happier I am to be writing about them and sharing them with you.

C. opened it as I was searing the lamb. It was delicious. I love unoaked Chardonnay anyway, but this was special.  It had some light fruit notes (namely pear) but a heavy, creamy finish that isn't too long. I want more.  For anyone who does not like chardonnay (commonly called the ABC'ers "Anything but Chardonnay") I say try it, it will expand your world, and show you that we are making some really good wine just 80 miles from NYC.  100% Chardonnay, 13% ETOH.

Last summer, I wrote a piece for Snooth called Anna Bennett's New York State of Mind. For as long as I am living on Long Island, I feel like I should spend more time at local vineyards.  My first stop of 2012 will be Channing Daughters Winery.  They have some very interesting stuff going on out there! (and their wine is served at the Princeton Club.☺)

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