Friday, January 13, 2012

Sassy Bitch Pinot Noir `10 $10.99 *(*)

I went home to Maine for a post-Christmas visit, and low and behold there were two bottles of Sassy Bitch sitting ready for Sunday Dinner.  They were gifts.  YOU KNOW why they were gifts.  Sassy Bitch is purchased for the label and the laughter.  We did laugh, the four Sassy Bitches around the table.  What can I say, I was raised by a line of strong women, and the next generation is improving on that strength.

Why is this wine like a Sassy Bitch?  Because it is fun to look at, talk about and be around for a while.  But just like that sassy bitch at a party, it has a bitter undertone and is really hard to take.  It is rough, has some acid, not very well balanced, is just a bit too sassy, and a bit alcoholic at 14% ETOH.  This Sassy Bitch is not going to age well. She is already a smoky old hag, and she was born in 2010.  YIKES. (I have a bottle of their Cabernet Sauvignon waiting in the wine rack - We'll uncork her when we need a laugh)

Their website is full of sass, but no production notes.  It is hard to take this Chilean wine seriously, it is a Pinot Noir novelty item.  It was worth the $10.99 in laughter, but after the first sip, we drank something else with dinner. Just like the stereotype it portrays, this wine has its place.  But it isn't relationship material.

I'll leave you with the vintage and the nouveau
Sassy Bitches in my life.
One has aged gracefully, a `30 Premiers Crus Bordeaux.  
The other is a `93 New World red with a lot of potential.
I love them both. 
Their Sass is well balanced with depth of character,
clarity and a finish that makes my soul glow.

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