Monday, January 30, 2012

Louis Latour Chassagne-Montrachet `09 $36.99 ****

I was evil at dinner and called this "The Best Chardonnay Ever" then I started lecturing on French Wine labels (seriously lecturing). I'll admit it, I was obnoxious.  But you know what?  When you are serving the granddaddy of all Chardonnay made by the house of Latour, you can be a little obnoxious.  This is a special occasion wine. (Latour's Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru A.C. was my first "Grown-up" dinner party wine - I was 21 and very proud to be entertaining from soup to nuts)  I will always have a soft spot in my heart and palate for MontrachetThis Chassagne-Montrachet may not be grand cru, but it really is a great wine from an amazing, historic region in France. Beune, the capital of Burgundy. (Burgundy isn't just for red wine drinkers you know)

Granted, Monday night dinner isn't really a special occasion - I did make brook trout, roast new potatoes and green beans almondine, but the truth is, this was a bottle left over from Christmas Eve - JPH asked "How did we not get through two bottles of this on Christmas Eve? and then he answered himself "That's because you weren't here".  (True, I was in Connecticut) This wine was worth the wait.

Good wine is good wine, and this is good wine.  100% Chardonnay,  13.5%ETOH with a fresh hit of citrus (lime) on the first sip, then a mouthful of well balanced fruit and then a bright finish with a hint of slightly unripe apricot. This is a wine and a lesson in wine.  Delicious, satisfying and classic.  It should help me for my upcoming CSW exam. It is slightly oaked Chardonnay in the pure French style.

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