Wednesday, January 25, 2012

La Mozza Morellino di Scansano I Perazzi DOCG `09 *** $19.99

This is a great Tuscan blend wine with an all American foodie pedigree. I was biased.  JPH bought it at our local "Luxury Priced" Wine Shop, and the proprietor told him that it was a "great value" at $19.99. Well, since I have a history with said wine shop, I know that "great value" means that JPH paid an extra $5.00 for the proprieter/sommeliere service - he does know his wine, and we do pay a markup for it.  The value ended up in the flavor and drinkablilty - not the mark up.

This wine is the brainchild of Lydia and Joe Bastianich and Mari Batali. Icons in the American/Italian foodie world.  And well...Mario knows his wine. (I feel like I should link to a famous Mario Batali Drinking Story, So I will)

On first sip, S. said "This is good wine".  I smiled and followed suit.  It is a really good, light red table wine that went perfectly with out Roast Chicken and Pasta with cherry tomatoes, scallions and chili peppers from Marcella Cucina.

An eclectic blend of 85% Sangiovese , 5% Syrah, 5% Alicante, 2% Colorino, 3% Ciliegiolo this is a really versatile wine.  Fresh juicy fruit forward (cherry), the finish is mellow (a hint of smoke to add depth), and it is so easy to just have another glass.  At 13% ETOH it is gentle for the week night.  We finished the bottle before dessert. (I was a bit sad that my glass was really empty)

From Maremma, southwest Tuscany comes La Mozza Winery.  They produce just two wines (so far), and it is a rather large production (10,000 cases of the I Perazzi) - but the flavor remains artisanal, like it is Old World hand crafted; that is special and really shows the talent of the winemakers Gabriele Gadenz and Maurizio Castelli.  This really is a perfect wine for the American market.  Not too overpowering, yet exotic enough to be very interesting.  Normally I am not a fan of Sangiovese, but this blend brings out all of the good in the varietal.

Although it cost JPH $19.99 (it was worth the $$) It can be found between $13.00 and $15.00. I liked it a lot, and I am glad that our food icons have put their money and vision into a winery that lives up to their culinary reputations.

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