Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tiburzi Montefalco Colle Scancellato `09 IGT $10.99 ****

There is fresh new take on Italian red table wine and this Tiburzi Montefalco Colle Scancellato is it.

Umbria, the heart of Italy, at a vineyard owned by Gustavo Tiburizi, this wine was made by Tiziano Vistall. It is a blend of 80% Sangiovese, 20% CiliegioloReally the heart of Umbira, both of these varietals are bright, fruit forward and where the Sangiovese give a deep dark fruit taste, the Ciliegiolo brightens the wine and gives it life.  Some acid, very little tannin, 14% ETOH.

We've had this a few times now, first in the picture above with a leek and ham pie JPH recreated a delicacy that he had at the George & Falcon gastropub in Warnford Hampshire, UK in  September. It was perfect with the saltiness of the ham and the richness of the creamed leeks in the pie.  The fruit elevated the meal. S. and I agreed, this may be a new "house" wine for us.

Then the next day with lunch, we had it with BLTs on fresh baked bread.  Then, we brought a bottle to K's for a Sunday dinner of grilled NY strip steak and creamy potatoes.  It was excellent with the steak.  One guest (who knows his wine) was adamant that it was very similar to Chateau Simard Saint-Emilion - a Bordeaux Cabernet Franc/Merlot blend. That comparison just spoke volumes to me.  Here we had a lovely Italian table wine that was being compared to a classic French blend.  Sangiovese is no longer the wine of the worker.  It is being elevated by vineyards like Mr. Tiburizi's and winemakers like Tiziano Vistall.  In a blind taste test, I don't think that I would have pegged it as Italian. I think that we are looking at a new world of wine, where stereotypes are being thrown out of the window and are being replaced by wines that simply taste good.  (just wait 'til I review that Nebbiolo from Virginia!)

JPH is busy looking for a case of this wine- he already bought out Greenvale Grape's supply.

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