Friday, October 7, 2011

Tasting Showcase #euphoriagreenville

After a full day of  wine seminars, I didn't make it on time for euphoria's Tasting Showcase. The event was officially over; it had been from 11am - 4pm.  Even though it was well after 4pm when I got there, I was welcomed warmly by the diehards as they were breaking down the event.  I was famished, thanks to Soby's table, I had a delicious slider.  There were even pecan turtles to be had at another table. I scavenged some delicious food.

The wine and beer tents were bursting with hospitality. I had been tasting wine all day, and I had a pairing dinner that evening, so I refrained from drinking.  (you won't see me writing THAT very often!)  With 27 wine tables still surrounded, I stopped by at just a few old friends to say hello:  Pellegrini Winery,  Freixinet USA  and Flowers Winery.

I may not have done any tasting, but I did get some pictures.


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