Saturday, October 1, 2011

Greenville, SC: Saturday Market #euphoriagreenville

8 am Saturday morning came pretty early when there was an after party on Friday night. But that didn't stop me.  I was off to explore Greenville's Saturday Market - it was a mad dash and some quick photos with my Blackberry.  (so I forgot the Nikon... oops - see what no coffee will do to me?)  I had to be at the Hyatt for our Media Breakfast at 8:30.  Luckily, after our breakfast I had a chance to grab the Nikon, go back and take proper photos of what I had seen and been enchanted by earlier.

A few blocks of Main Street are closed for the Saturday Market.  I started on the north end and worked my way down. Over 50 local artisans and farmers chatted as they set up their displays. I secretly wished that I had driven and not flown to Greenville;  I wanted to buy EVERYTHING.  (here is a list of all participating vendors)

A Few Highlights:

It was 8am, I hadn't had coffee, Banana Mama was in the first stall on the left, she called over to me and gave me a sample of her rich, sweet and filling Banana Bread.  All I can say is Banana Mama knows how to take care of you! Of course that was when I realized that I forgot the Nikon and when I came back at 11, her table was so crowded, I couldn't get a good picture.

 Peppers: Chili peppers, beautiful, colorful peppers....

There were plenty of people purveying piles and piles of picturesque peppers.  (it is safe to say that the people of Greenville like it spicy ☺ )

Artisan Crafts using Organic Materials:

Cutting/Serving Boards 

Stephen Owen @ Sixteen acre wood is taking reclaimed hardwood and making beautiful cutting boards, kneading boards, smorgasboards, furniture and other works of art.

I first spoke with him at 8am, and by the time I saw him again at 11, he was sold out of almost everything. His one of a kind work is gorgeous, and I want one! (on my next trip to Greenville, I will be prepared) sadly (for us), he keeps selling out, so his online gallery is bare for now.  Maybe you'll get lucky if you check it out.

The Gone Nutz Gourmet Shoppe, has beautiful Gourmet Cheese Boards made from local granite. (good nut brittle too!)

Pysansky by Pastor Steve Saxe.  A local pastor has a side business decorating local eggshells in the Ukranian style.  These are intricate patterns that make stunning ornaments.

Country Craft Gourds All I can say is WOW. Why have a plastic pumpkin when you could have this stunner for Halloween?

 At Merciful Hearts Farms, Deb was not only selling her colorful wool, she was working it too. (she also sells their farm's eggs, little did I know that I was to have  some of her fresh eggs at our Media Breakfast - they were delicious)

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables:
We are into harvest season. This was a great time to be at the market. There were so many tables of fresh, local fruit and veg.  The slideshow below is more complete. (If I added all of the pictures to this post it would be really, really long)
Muscadine and Scuppernong Grapes from The Happy Berry.  I couldn't bring home the fresh fruit, but I did snag two jars of jelly,  one Muscadine and one Scuppernong  (S. was very happy to see me unpack those.  She has a Scuppernong addiction that I am just finding out about)

Red Fern Farm had a beautiful display of all things good for you. Imagining that I had just picked it from the garden, I just wanted to grab one of those green beans, hear a resounding snap as I broke it in half and pop it into my mouth, but I controlled my urges.

I had a great chat with Lannie Harte, who presides over Dayllies, LLC.  A true southern lady who has jars and jars of popular salsas, jellies and preserves, ready to take home. 

I could go on and on about the market.  There was a man playing bluegrass violin fiddle, there was a booth run by the Childrens'  Museum so they could make prints with fresh cut vegetables.  I am going to stop gushing now and leave you to the slide show below.

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