Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cantina del Taburno Falanghina `09 DOC $14.00 ****

Unique, interesting, delicious.  Long finish.  Fruity, yet dry.  Crisp, with the ghost of effervescence that tingles the sides of my tongue.  I'm loving it.

This was my second venture into the world of Falanghina, and so far both have been great wines.

JPH bought this Cantina del Taburno Falanghina at Greenvale Grapes to go along with a sword fish/bluefish riff on a classic zuppe de pesce Marcella Hazan recipe that he cooked for dinner (I made the saffron rice). It was great in the dish and in our glasses.

As we talked about the wine and compared tasting notes, S. reminisced about Naples, I got hung up on Vesuvius, and JPH pondered Benevento.  For one meal, via the sense of taste, we were transported to Southern Italy - even though we were in suburban NY on a cold, wet Fall evening.

For over 15 years a little white dog was there,
watching dinner being cooked, hoping for leftovers.
Nell was a companion, a critic, a calamity and
a reluctant comedienne. 
Countless times after a few glasses of wine,
we would "talk" for her in funny voices.
When we gave her voice, she sounded goofy but loving.
When she protectively barked in her own voice,
she could be intimidating (many a FedEx Man kept clear).
Nell sacrificed a few wine bottles
when digging under the wine rack to get at the cat's food.
(No chardonnay would go unbroken
in the pursuit of Queenie's Fancy Feast

She haunts this blog as a recurring character in so many posts.
We miss you little white dog. 

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