Friday, September 16, 2011

Tin Barn Zinfandel Russian River Valley Gilsson Vineyards`09 **** sample #WBC11

I ♥ Tin Barn Vineyards. In July, at the WBC11 "Meet the Sponsors" Reception, I tasted their 2010 Sauvignon Blanc.  It was bright (citrus) with a fresh acid "clean" taste; refreshing and good.

Tin Barn is a Napa/Sonoma/Russian River Valley producer, that puts the growers at the forefront of their product, and it shows.  The use 100% varietals (excepting their Cabernet blend) showcasing the land, climate and grapes.  I was impressed with the Sauvignon Blanc, made some notes and grabbed a post card. Back at my hotel room, I happily dug into my "Swag Bag" and found a half bottle of their `09 Russian River Zinfandel.  I read a rumor that Tin Barn produced these bottles for WBC11, and if that us true, well, then I ♥ them even more.

The day after the conference, I spent a night at Colonial Williamsburg, where I met a friend from the conference, WineBizNews's Barbara Keck who also writes Mountain High Wines and "Wine Adventures" at The Tahoe Weekly.  We had a delicious dinner at the Kings Arms Tavern, then we had an end of evening glass of wine back at the parlor of the Chiswell-Bucktrout House.

Barbara brought out her half bottle of the Tin Barn Zinfandel Russian River Valley Gilsson Vineyards`09 (and she styled the photo on the left), we toasted a good dinner, great conference and new friends.

A half bottle of wine is PERFECT for two people who just want to share a drink at the end of an evening.  It is a rich zinfandel, (15.7 % ETOH) with a deep, dry blackberry taste.  Good for sipping and I was imagining what it would be like with food.

Cut to September, 2011.  JPH and S. are off on a second honeymoon; MEH and I are holding down the fort. We planned the menu for the week, and on our "Steak Night" I decided that I would indulge myself with the Tin Barn Zinfandel.  It was delicious paired with our grilled tri-tip steak, mushroom gnocchi, salad and mini eclairs (ok, not so much with the mini-eclairs.  DO NOT pair Zinfandel with custard desserts - you can't say I didn't warn you!).

I didn't decant the wine, but I did swirl it  a lot; over the course of the evening - from dinner to the post dinner Dr. Who episode, I carried around my glass & the half bottle and enjoyed every drop.

Blackberries.  Intense, fruity blackberries, very few tannins and a long fruity finish. I love the concept of a half bottle, and I am so happy that this wine is delicious and full of flavor. This was yet another great thing to come out of WBC11.  I'm already signed up for WBC12 . Tin Barn, I hope you'll be there too!

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