Monday, September 12, 2011

Calling All Corks! The California Wine Club Wants YOU.

"Put a Cork in it!" Cork Drive until September 30, 2011.

For the longest time, I saved my corks. I just didn't want to part with them. I had a Champagne bucket that collected dust on my bar/bookcase. Maybe I dreamed of one day making a corkboard made from corks. But my OCD got the best of me, and one day, I threw them all out. I always threw out my corks and bottles (greenies, feel free to berate me in the comments - what can I say, I am more Miss Piggie than Kermit). But then I went to WBC `11 and watched two men almost get into a fist fight over... you guessed it, CORKS.

"Huh", I thought, what is up with this? And then I strolled over to the cork display and picked up some literature. Corks are controversial, but they are also a wanted commodity.

Are you like I was? Do you have a bunch of corks collecting dust somewhere in your home? Why not recycle them for free, and have a chance to win some prizes and earn California Wine Club Dollars.

The California Wine Club is running a Cork Drive in coordination with ReCORK. They'll send you a postage paid mailer, you can rid yourself of some dust collectors, maybe win something, and unburden your guilt for not recycling. (you know that you are never going to make that cork board - but if you do/did make that cork board (or cork coaster for that matter) send me a picture, I'll put it in a blog post, and admit that you did better that I ever could!)

If you are reading this after the California Wine Club's 30 September 2011 deadline or you are like us and don't have any leftover corks right now, (My OCD took over when I moved to the 'burbs - I've been throwing everything out). You can collect them going forward for recycling in the the future. Whole Foods has a program with Cork reharvest, and they have recycling boxes at all Whole Food locations in the USA.

If only I could interest someone in JPH's collection of beer caps...

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