Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kermit Lynch Guy Breton Morgon Vieilles Vignes `09 $35.99 ****

Photo styled and taken by MEH
It was one of those nights. JPH was head cook and sommelier for the evening. After an ill fated Italian wine misstep, he grabbed this bottle from the wine-rack and said, "Why not open a good bottle, I guess you girls deserve it." (we will never speak again of the first bottle that we opened tonight. One sip, and I was running for the vinegar barrel.) S. and I smiled when he brought out this bottle - S. was willing to suffer through the the ill fated Italian that was opened. I was not so tolerant. JPH put the subject to rest, "Enough of the $7.99 wine - tonight we have the good stuff."

This Beaujolais Cru is made from Gamay grapes, and it has aged just enough to have it be a smooth, deep(yet light) wine with dry fruit highlights (over ripe strawberries) and dark chocolate undertones. This wine and the skirt steak that we had tonight fell in love, and together they made me a very happy consumer. And at 13.5% ETOH, it was a gorgeous, light wine that won't give me a heavy head tomorrow morning. From the first sniff... mellow chocolate buried in fresh fruit, I was hooked. Gamay, when it is good makes an amazing Beaujolais, and this was it. I had to pace myself so that we had some wine left to have with supper.

Go for it, grab a well made Beaujolais Cru and have a perfect summer evening meal. From the first pour with it's bright raspberry color, to the flavorful finish with no tannins; it was worth the $35.99 splurge just to taste a wine that deserves every penny that was spent on it.

Our pre-dinner table conversation centered around "Who is this Kermit Lynch who quotes Jefferson "Good wine is a necessity of life for me" on his wine bottles?" - well, he is a California wine merchant and writer who has established some pretty amazing relationships with Vineyards/Winemakers over the years (wineshop established in 1972) - Guy Breton is one of those French Vineyards, that produced this lovely, light yet flavorful Beaujolais Cru. Well done Kermit, you do deserve your name on the label.

Here is my view from the dinner table tonight.
I love it when the stars align, and everything works.
Tonight we were blessed with good food, good wine, and amazing weather.

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