Saturday, July 23, 2011

Talisman Red Dog Pinot Noir`07 $46.00 live blog reds #wbc11

Grown in the Sonoma Mountains presented by Amy.  Scott Rich and Marta Rich.  Met at Mondavi and decided to go out and make Pinot Noir.

As I drink this, I try to think about where it is grown, and what I would pair it with.  It is bright, and has a burn, and it would hold up really well against a burger or a pizza.  Yikes, I just realized that I would pair this expensive wine with a burger (make that a Kobe Beef Burger), but it is a labor of love.  Scott and Marta kept their day jobs, and their love of Pinot Noir shows in this bottle.

Pommard Clone.  High ETOH: 14.3%

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