Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tabbarini Montefalco Sagrantino `04 $55.00 #wbc11 live blog reds

Umbria!  Giampaolo Tabarrini!!!  This wine is a mouthful, and Giampaolo is amazing.  It is a style of wine that is elegant and true to the top of the hill in Umbira!!  Wild Boar!!!  100% Sagrantino

If you can't afford a visit to Umbria, just buy some of this wine, some wild boar or another powerful meat, and you will be able to pretend that you are in Umbria. Here is the Tabarrini website in English

I have another bottle of this, 16%ETOH wine, and we just happen to have a Wild Boar Roast in the Freezer.  I will do a full review of this wine in the Fall, when it is more seasonal for this intense, tannic, mouthful of flavor.

THANK YOU Giampaolo,  and to Tony who poured for us!!

Note:  I have to say that of all the people that I met at this conference, Giampaolo was the most passionate, articulate and effusive person that I met.  His family runs this vineyard, and he has taken on the red tape of American import and trade laws on both the state and federal level, yet remains undaunted.  As a producer/small exporter, he is determined to bring his wine to the United States and has studied a lot of  law along the way. Bravo Giampaolo!

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