Thursday, July 28, 2011

Barren Ridge Vidal Blanc `10 $15.00 #wbc11 liveblog:

Presented by Pauline Dubier, Winemaker.  She's French - from Toulouse and she has brought a French touch to Virginia's Barren Ridge Vineyard.

This is a very interesting, subtle yet beautiful wine.  Fruit forward with a minerality that makes it elegant. It is like a Chanel suit made in Virginia. All of the classic touches of a sublime wine - I taste slight honeydew, with a Blue Ridge Mountain appellation.  This is a go to cafe wine, or a great drinks wine when with friends.

Notes after the Live Blogging Session: This wine haunted me.  I liked it, and it was different.  It is made from Vidal Blanc grapes, and that was new to me.  I was so impressed with Pauline and the woman who was pouring for her that when I realized that they were serving Crab Cakes at our reception at Monticello that night, I decided that theirs would be my dinner wine.

Of course they were pouring a different label: Tinkling Spring `09 (a $19.00 Viognier and Vidal Blanc blend) - also quite good, but I can easily say that out of all the whites that I tried in the live blogging session, theirs was the one I immediately thought of to go with my crab cake and that I ran back to get another taste of.

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