Monday, June 6, 2011

Primaterra Sauvignon Blanc `09 IGT (Not TJ's) $8.33 **

I stopped by a new wine shop.  Stew Leonard's Wines in Carl Place, New York.  This was the first display that hit me:  "All Primaterra wines 3 for $25.00".  I picked out three.  Tonight we had the Sauvignon Blanc from IGT Veneto.

First sip - WOW, grassy.  If you notice that the picture is green, well, I styled it after I tried my first sip. It is clean, crisp and puckering.  JPH said "Primitive". This is a basic, clean, citrusy white wine that when served chilled does the trick.  It is perfectly average, and went well in the sauce for the freshly caught striped bass that we had for dinner.  Because of the freshness (and the pucker) I decided that this was my cooking wine, and we would have a different wine with dinner.  I styled the picture to go with the fixings for the Arroz Verde that I was making from the The Border Cookbook.  I am glad that we have another economical wine purveyor (Stew Leonard's) in the area -  I'm looking forward to more shopping trips to come.

As for the wine, it was all that for $8.33.  A good utilitarian Sauvignon Blanc.  Easy to drink, and great for cooking, but we had a lovely and subtle Château du Rouet "Cuvee Reservée" Côtes de Provence Rosé
with our meal. (review to follow)

Now, for the surprise that I go when I first walked into the wine shop:

I was greeted by Miss Frances, a cow made from corks....

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