Thursday, June 2, 2011

Domaine de Mourchon Côtes-du-Rhône Séguret Tradition `07 AOC (not TJ's) $15.99 ***

Smells nice, tastes velvety.  We've had this one before, and because we liked it, JPH ran out and bought more.  65 % Grenache, 25 % Syrah,
10% Carignan.  Hmmm Carignan, I have never heard of that grape before.  It seems to be one of those old varietals that is used in blending to get a specific taste and yield.  I really liked this wine the first time that we had it, and S & I enjoyed it so well tonight that I forgot to aerate it. Oops.

We had it with grilled burgers on fresh kaiser rolls, with warm potato salad and fresh tomato salad.  
This wine was a lush mid weight red with a bit of a velvety soft finish. It had a nice smell and was oh so easy to drink at 14% ETOH. What was really interesting was what I learned in the tasting notes:  This wine is aged in concrete vats.  I didn't taste an overt minerality, but now that I think of it, that could have added to the lush finish.

Domaine de Mourchon is an interesting producer, and I am looking forward to trying more wines from their small, but sleek diverse operation.  Wine, Olive Oil and Cosmetics.  Hmm, I sense a business plan in there somewhere.

Dinner was great, and after leisurely sitting at the table feeling the effect of the 14% ETOH, JPH pulled out the chilled Vin De Glaciere as digestif, and then, my night was over.

Last weekend, I celebrated my Birthday.  For the actual day, I visited a North Fork Long Island Vineyard (review & pics to follow).  What was most special though, was finding a roadside farm stand that had fresh Strawberries and Rhubarb.  Someone in this house has been craving Strawberry Rhubarb Pie since last spring.  I bought the fresh ingredients, and JPH & S made the pie.  Here it is, before (above) and after:

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