Friday, June 10, 2011

A Visit to Bedell

Thanks to snooth for the pic.
Once upon a time, on the North Fork of Long Island, there was a vineyard with grandfather's old red pickup truck out front.  They produced a wine called Main Road Red with the `51 red Ford pickup memorialized on the label. JPH & S must have bought cases of that wine in the `90's.  It was local, cheap & cheerful, and could often be found on the supper table.  I miss that pickup truck.  I miss that wine.  In a wave of nostalgia on my drive home from the Orient Point Ferry, I stopped by the tasting room at Bedell.  How it has changed.  It is slick and Hollywood now, with sleek black, white and stainless interiors and chic labels by trendy artists.  The Ford is "in the shop" and the vineyards are groomed and poised for greatness or great wedding photo shoots.  The wine, was  - let's just say,  it's not what I remembered.

In 2000, the Bedell Family sold the Vineyard to "Michael Lynne, an esteemed art collector and film executive" -  it shows.  The labels and packaging has gone swank, and the wine... well, I'll just review the bottles that I bought in later posts. `09 Bedell First Crush White and the Bedell Cabernet Franc. They do have a "sister" vineyard Corey Creek just 2 miles down the road. I think that for my next visit, I'll start fresh and try Corey Creek and leave Bedell to my memories of the 1990's.

Photos from my visit:

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