Friday, May 13, 2011

Yves Lambert Domaine de Saint-Just Samur Champigney `07 *** $22.99 (not TJ's)

This is a nice simple bottle of Cabernet Franc from the Loire producer Yves Lambert, who runs Domaine de Saint-Just with his son Arnold.  They make a good, easy drinking bottle of plonk for $22.99.

At first sniff of the plastic cork, I was a bit worried.  S. was more worried.  She likened the smell to musty, and maybe something a bit more nasty.  BUT.  The taste was good and spot on Cabernet Franc.  It was simple weak taste at first, with a dry big taste of dried blueberries at the finish.  It was very easy to drink and went well with our dinner of grilled Skirt Steak, pasta in a mushroom cream sauce and fresh fiddleheads from Marsh Stream in mid-coast Maine.

After aeration (Nuance):  Don't do it.  It made the wine weak and a bit sour.

Here is Marsh Stream, Monroe, Maine.
Home to the fiddle heads on the plate above
just 48 hours earlier.

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