Thursday, May 12, 2011

William Fevre Montmains Cru Chablis `07 $17.99 (Not TJ's) ****

JPH was shopping at Coves Discount and saw that they had a wine marked down to $17.99 from $39.99.  Out of sheer curiosity he bought a couple of bottles.  We cooked some left over grilled salmon in a white sauce, a fresh salad and I fried up some potatoes.  As I sauteed the onions for the white sauce, JPH grabbed the chilled bottle and poured me a glass.  It was like unwrapping a great Christmas present.  (and I know Christmas presents, last year, I got an i-Pad).

Wow.  Once again, I realized that I like Chablis.  Classic French Chablis with not a lot of oak, and a fresh young taste.  Made from Chardonnay, I need to remind myself that this is a very versatile varietal, and it really reflects where it is grown, and how it is fermented. JPH was succinct when he said "The French really know their Terrior".  My guest taster for the evening (hence forth known as Agent C.T. Why?) took a sniff and said "hmm, honey" I agreed, there was a sweet smell to it, but I said "more floral, like Honeysuckle".  Agent C.T. Why? took a sip and said "mmm, like a cold mountain water from a stream".  JPH said "Crisp Green Apple".  I said, upfront, it was subtle, but the finish was clean fruit, with a crisp bite and minerality.  "Oyster shells, yes, Oyster shells".  By the time S got home, the second bottle was well chilled and ready to be opened.  (Did I mention that this wine is really easy to drink???)

What a great find, and this wine tasted so fresh that I could not believe that it was an `07.  I love non-oaked, classic, complex Chablis.  It is official.

Domaine William Fevre does good work.  Well worth the price, and I am looking forward to having future bottles with company.  This is a special dinner wine. 


Salmon in a white sauce with capers, cornishion and dill, fresh green salad and pan fried potatoes.

This wine should age well.  JPH found out that Coves only had a few cases.  I think that he may stock up on a few more bottles.  It is almost summertime, and this would be an excellent choice for a nice evening on the patio. Either alone or with food, what a great summer wine.  Originally, I balked at the cost, because we have found some great, interesting Italian whites lately, BUT, you can't go wrong with a classic, and this one works.

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