Monday, May 16, 2011

Korbel Brut NV $13.99 ***

If you are having a big crowd like Kate had last night (twelve).  You can save some money, celebrate, buy American and still feel like it is a special occasion with Korbel.  It is a classic California blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, French Colombard and Pinot Noir, fermented and bottled in the classic French Champagne method.

For us, the special occasion was a new porch, and having almost all of the kids together, and just a nice Sunday Night Family Dinner (I'm the adopted stray in the group). We had this Classic American Champagne as Mimosas.  But it can be had plain as well.  It is a great "Champagne" for a crowd.  Spicy, bubbly, easy to drink, and when well chilled refreshing and crisp.

We had it with grilled lamb, roasted potatoes and tomatoes, and a green salad.

MEH and I made a Banana Cake for dessert,
JPH frosted it with a chocolate Ganache. 
It was yummy with fresh fruit, freshly whipped cream, 
and a dollop of Cappuccino Gelato. 
The leftover cake will be even better 
when we have it for breakfast 
with a nice cup of coffee, and S. 
She missed dinner tonight. 
Darn plane schedules. 

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