Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Domaine Seguin-Manuel Savigny-lès-Beaune Vieilles Vignes `08 (not TJ's) $29.99****

Expensive for a week night, yet perfect for a great steak dinner on an amazing Spring day. This is a fantastic fruit forward Pinot Noir  from Savigny-lès-Beaune AOC in Burgundy.  Bright, light, with a mouthful of spicy fruit that just made my mouth water. It was a hit.

Made traditionally by award winning Thibault Marion at Domaine Seguin-Manuel, this wine is a great nod to his family heritage (Domain founded 1824).  The label is fancy French, kind of highbrow and intimidating, BUT the wine inside is fresh, bold and spicy. It is a light crimson color that smells of lush fruit. There is a full forward richness, and just a hint of mouthwatering acidity, and a long, flavorful finish that is spicy -  (subtle cloves).  It is 13% ETOH, and paired really well with our menu of: Grilled Steak, roasted red pepper, broccoli rabe with pancetta, garlic and olive oil in a balsamic reduction and just to put us over the top, baked potatoes with butter and truffled sea-salt.

After aeration with the nuance: Don't bother. Just pour and enjoy!  This bottle may have been a 2008 aged in french oak for 10 months, but to me it taste fresh and gorgeous with a slight hint of age just peeking through, adding deep flavor.

While JPH was roasting the red peppers on the grill, 
I poured myself a glass, 
as MEH had an impromptu photo shoot.  
She styled and took this picture.  
We are having a beautiful Spring!

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