Monday, April 18, 2011

Javier Sanz Villa Narcisa Verdejo `09 D.O. $17.99 (Not TJ's) ****

I was conflicted today.  I knew that we were having leftover risotto as a main for dinner, but I had no clue as to what we would have for sides. JPH came through by choosing mushrooms & fennel, both to be sauteed separately.  Then it came time to choose the wine...  He and S. had been to Marquis Wines and Spirits to stock up the wine rack last month and this Verdejo was right there -  with its green labels and neon green plastic cork, it was screaming to be picked from the rack.  (Ok, we didn't know that the cork was neon green until JPH unwrapped the foil, but a neon green plastic cork was a first for us...)  JPH grabbed the bottle from the rack and I quickly splashed it down, sleeved it and threw it in the freezer for a quick chill.

First sip:  This is a complex Spanish white wine.  What do I mean by complex?  When you first sip it, it has an acidic bite, JPH noted that it would be really good with Spanish Olives - WOW, would it ever.  But then, in the middle, you get an exotic fruitiness, I would go so far as to say mango, and then boom, the sweet finish that leaves you wanting more. Javier Sanz @ Villa Narcisa, well done.  You make a great white wine. By the third glass, it was just as complex and very easy to drink.

100% Verdejo, a Spanish grape that originated in North Africa, and had been used in a heavier way (historically in Sherry), suddenly, in the 20th Century became a lovely, crisp, complex white wine that has no oak.  (always a hit in my books)  Awarded a DO for being up to national standards in Rueda, Spain, this wine is an excellent ambassador. We'll have it again. 

Dinner Menu: (it was a GREAT leftovers night!)
Marcella's Sauasage Risotto
Marcella's Braised Fennel (yikes, I just saw in their picture @ Pomodori e Vino that I was supposed to caramelize it... oops, it was yummie anyway!)
Sauteed Mushrooms

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