Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gerard Metz Gewurztraminer AOC `07 (Not TJ's)$22.00 ***

Wow, a big mouthful of fruit, with a dry, yet sweet aftertaste.  Crisp. A couple of weeks ago I popped in at Greenvale Grapes, announced what I was planning to cook for dinner and picked up this recommended bottle.  (Then I went to Leonetti's for pastry & bread)

It smells fruity, tastes fruity (crisp pear) and has a dry finish.  Perfect for a spicy food, but not cheap @ $22.00. You should buy this wine as a pairing for some exotic Thai take out that you are having to impress someone with.  This is classic AOC French  Gewurztraminer; if this wine were a person, it would be Elton John: White, rich, fruity, a bit on the heavy side with a little spice. 

Domaine Gerard Metz is almost artisanal: Hand picked grapes, made in a rich tradition, following all of the rules. A lot like listening to Benny and the Jets or Crocodile Rock from Elton John's Greatest Hits.  Songs I love because they don't surprise me, and on certain days, when the timing is right, I listen to them and it is just perfect. 

I had it with a fake Paella:  Sauteed Chorizo and rock shrimp with onion, garlic, spinach and rice.

On Friday morning, I was outside with the dog .  
The dew was on the flowers in S's garden 
and I was lucky that I had my camera handy in the kitchen.  
This is what a beautiful Spring morning looks like in my world:

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