Sunday, April 3, 2011

Almez Tempranillo `09 (Not TJ's) $7.99 **(*)

This is an interesting tempranillo.  It is juicy/fruity and earthy at the same time with a distinct oakiness that gives it depth and dryness. This is a wine that reminds me of Spring.  There is a light wateriness on the first sip, but as it flows through your mouth, it has an earthy, puckering finish that is bursting. Bright and Brooding - to use industry words.

After aeration with the nuance:  It seemed smoother, but it lost some of the complexity that made it interesting.  This is a solid, complex red wine that says it is Tempranillo, but I feel like there is a blend in there, maybe Merlot.

We had this with JPH's riff on Marcella Hazan's rolled Chicken Breast with parsley, garlic and pancetta; gnocchi with a nutmeg cream Parmesan sauce and fresh asparagus baked with butter and Parmesan.

We've had and liked the Almez Garnacha (I can't wait to make Sangria with it) I think that the Tempranillo is a good addition to the wine rack for nights when you want an interesting Spanish wine.

One morning last month, I looked out the window, and there s/he was.
A single swan,
swimming in the lower pond. 
I was smitten,
and then
I went about feeding him 
(I have decided that 
he is a he 
until proven otherwise).  
S. observed that
he not only swims to me
when I go down by the water
 to feed him,
but he also wags his tail.
He is what I first look for
when I wake up in the morning.
I'll even feed him before
I have had coffee.
He doesn't know it yet,
 but he is my pet swan.


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