Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Planeta La Segreta Bianco Sicily IGT `09 $11.99 (not TJ's) ***

S. chose this wine.  Did I mention that she has good taste? We are just transitioning from a horrible winter to spring, the perennial season of mud. The gardens have been tortured by this past winter's carnage.  As the snow is washed away by rain, we can now see what has survived and what hasn't.  As for us, switching from a steady diet of red wine is a sign that we all have cabin fever.  S. started making noise about white wine a few weeks ago.  It is time to lighten up and start thinking of warmer, sunnier weather.  This Planeta La Segreta Bianco is a great harbinger of summer days and sunshine. (MEH styled and took the picture on the left)

Sicilian IGT. Planeta produces 11 out of the 16 wines that are designated Sicilian IGT. This La Segreta is a blend of 50% Grecanico, 30% Chardonnay, 10% Viognier, 10% Fiano. At 13.5% ETOH, this is a bright, slightly acidic wine that is different than the run of the mill Italian white wine. The Chardonnay gives it a backbone.  It is fermented in steel tanks, so it tastes fresh and crisp.  The flavors of the other three varietals make this wine stand out as a glass of sunshine on a rainy spring day. The Fiano gives it a slight herbal/grassy taste, the Viognier brings in the citrus taste and some of the floral aroma, and the Grecanico (I think) is the slight sweetness - that could also be from the Viognier. It is a good blend, with a good flavor at a great price. It has a slight sour finish, that could be considered a kick of grapefruit tartness at the end.

I have had it twice.  The first time it was with Paella.  Paella (pictured above) is a dish that makes my mouth water every time I type it - and pictures drive me wild.  JPH had all the ingredients waiting for me when I got home from work, along with my favorite wooden spatula.  This wine is bright and citrusy and it cut through the heaviness of the rice; the acid of the wine brought the shrimp and the spiciness of the sausage to a new level.  The Paella was spicy and filling.  The wine was cold, crisp, slightly tart with a hint of sweetness and fantastic.

S. didn't get a chance to taste the bottle that she picked out on the first go round. (what can I say?  I liked it!) While I was shopping this week, I grabbed another bottle to have on hand so that she can try it too. It is an easy open screw top and I opened it for a lunch of arancini (rice balls from Razzano's in Glen Cove), prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. The wine was good with the prosciutto - maybe it has a hint of melon in the flavor profile as well.  It is acidic, so I couldn't see just sipping it, but as a food wine, it had me dreaming of a fresh grilled chicken Caesar Salad and sitting on the patio in the Summer sunshine.

On a rainy Spring day with the snow still melting away,  
Wine like this Sicilian is the promise of sunny days to come.

(photo ripped off from S's Facebook page!)

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  1. I just enjoyed this with a simple chicken wing and rice dish - kind of a weeknight paella. The rice balls seem like a great pairing.