Friday, February 11, 2011

Palin Syrah `06, (not TJ's) $16.99 ***

A very good Syrah from the Limarí Valley of Chile, that has either experienced a boost* in sales or a drop in sales due to the name (which  pre-dates the 2008 presidential election). Palin has polarized the public who have politicize plonk. (now say that three times fast!)

*For their own reasons, JPH & S. bought a lot of this wine.  It is good wine.  Solid, flavorful, just a hint of spice.  Kind of smooth.  Researching the wine and where it comes from is difficult because of all the political ranting about the name.  Ranting really does just muddy the water now, doesn't it?

We dusted off a bottle, then had it with Filet Mignon and tagliatelle with mushroom  cream sauce. Of course we played with the name, but we never lost fact of what we were drinking.  Good, clean, basic plonk.  Organic (bonafides come from the IMO Swiss authority). This is a classy Syrah from a varietal that can range from rough and tumble Shiraz from Australia, to this organic, highbrow small producer Chilean Syrah.  There is room for all versions in my life.

After Aeration:  We tried pouring it through the nuance, but the cutting aeration just agitated it and made it rougher and bitter.  (Are you listening Katie Couric?) It is better left in the bottle and then poured into your glass.  We need winemakers in this world, just like we need public servants in office.  Sometimes, when you agitate them and make sport of tearing them apart, it simply tarnishes the profession, leaving us guided by the slick and mass produced. We need individuality, we need true diversity, we need small producers, and we need wines like Palin Syrah.

Two days later... this wine needs to be enjoyed when fresh. Just like it didn't stand up to aeration, it does not sit bottled up very well at all.  The bitterness is the front and the back end.  I did what worked best for it after being opened for two days, I recycled my glass to the vinegar barrel.  A few months of fermenting and it will be a delicious salad dressing.

And so, I'll leave you with the other versatile Palin,
not quite as organic, but spicy ...

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