Monday, February 28, 2011

Banfi Chianti Classico Reserva `07 DOCG $17.99 ***

We've been drinking a lot of Banfi ever since S. & JPH  went to a tasting dinner in January.  I had to try this wine three different times before I figured out what I really like about it. I am not really a fan of Chianti or Sangiovese for that matter, BUT this wine was good and it was great with lunch.  Proper paring can really elevate a meal.

This post is all about the North Shore of Long Island, and the Italians that have made it home for the past century. Razzano's is an Italian Salumaeria is just a mile or so from The Banfi Estate (importers of this Chianti that is made by them in Tuscany). It was fitting that I have a glass of their rustic, full bodied Chianti Classico to accompany the amazing Meatball Parmesan hero that JPH & I split from Razzano's. (I challenge ANYONE to eat a full sized one at one sitting!)

Banfi Chianti Classico Reserva `07 is full of flavor - dried blackberries and a bit of raspberry with an undercurrent of earthiness (translation, there is a slight roughness about it).  What made those flavors perfect was the fact that as I was sipping, I was chewing on an amazing juicy veal/pork/beef meatball, with homemade tomato sauce in a freshly baked roll.  I asked for some additional red pepper which made my mouth tingle and my lips a bit numb.  It was the fruitiness and subtle roughness that just tasted great together.  The fresh bread roll was slightly sweet, crusty and softly saturated with the tomato sauce. The wine was an intense mouthful of flavor that made me realize that the Italians know flavor. It was a delicious Italian/Italian lunch that just proved to me that the right wine with the right food can be make a great meal almost perfect.

As a reminder, everything I write about is paid for - retail.
I am running on and on about Razzano's (NY Times review)
because I am a huge fan.
I am writing a series on Banfi because theirs is an amazing story,
and they are right next door.
If you ever find yourself in Glen Cove NY, give Razzano's a try
you won't be disappointed!

Banfi Tasting second course:  Banfi San Angelo Pinot Grigio `09 $18.49 (not TJ's) ***
Banfi Tasting third course:  Banfi Centine Rosso `07 $10.89 (not TJ's)
Banfi Tasting fourth course: Banfi BelnerO `05 $35.99 (Not TJ's) ****

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