Thursday, February 24, 2011

Banfi Centine Rosso `07 $10.89 (not TJ's) ***

Over the past month, we drank three bottles of this before I reviewed it. I think that is a first. The `08 version of this wine was served @ S. & JPH's Banfi Estate Tasting Dinner as the third course: Penne with Merguez Sausage and Garlic & Broccoli Rabe.

I had it on a quiet Sunday night at home with a dinner of French Sausage, Brie and a Granny Smith Apple.  I also got the Truffled Almonds out of the cupboard.  It was a good, flavorful, "nibbly" dinner. This wine was perfect for the evening. (the picture on the right is from the next day's lunch)

A "Super Tuscan" blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, this is a juicy wine with a smooth yet rich taste.  I like it when a blend is done right.  It had the taste of dried currant with fresh raspberry undertones and maybe a little hint of ripe cherry. It is a very easy wine to sip.

Then the next day, I had a glass from the leftover bottle.  What had been a delightful wine the night before didn't age very well.  Even though I had vacuum sealed it, it was just a bit bitter, and dryer. The juiciness had been replaced with a leather undertone. Moral of the story:  Open the bottle, pour and enjoy.  NO LEFTOVERS! It still worked with my impromptu lunch of Chili with cheese over rice.  Due to an unexpected snowstorm, I had been shoveling and running the snow-blower that morning and a heavy carbohydrate lunch was perfect for my frozen exterior. I ate from the cupboard/freezer - I wasn't driving ANYWHERE. The dog, cat and I have been left to our own devices for the week. (Note: cats are useless when it comes to snow removal, but dogs like to follow along and "supervise").

And if you noticed in the photo above.  I had a moment of girlie weakness, 
and bought a leopard print Bedazzled Blackberry case... 
It won't last long 
(I don't see it working in a meeting with the NYC OEM ...)
BUT  for now, it is a guilty pleasure.  
That is the slacker cat in the picture
who wouldn't even deign to go out in the snow, 
let alone walk behind me and give encouragement as I shoveled! 
Banfi Tasting third course:  Banfi Centine Rosso `07 $10.89 (not TJ's)
Banfi Tasting fourth course: Banfi BelnerO `05 $35.99 (Not TJ's) ****

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