Monday, January 17, 2011

Owen Roe Sharecropper's Pinot Noir `09 $24.99 (Not TJ's) ****

I was in Vermont. Waitsfield.  Just down the street from the von Trapp Farm.  Yes, those von Trapp's. But my hills were alive with the sounds of skiing, sledding, beer bottles opening and laughter. It was a great weekend.  On our way home from the mountain on Saturday, I was doing a lot of thinking about what wine to get for nibbles before we went out to dinner.

We stopped at the local supermarket/state liquor store Mehuron's and shopped.  I got lost in the wine section.  Not because of the size, but because I was perplexed.  None of the local Vermont wines called out to me.  (They looked a bit scary, and I wasn't feeling daring enough.  I WISH I had taken a picture of the shopping cart filled with lonely one off "Discount" bottles.)  For what seemed like ages, I wandered.  Then I looked at a display and it seemed as though I just bumped into an old friend.  Owen Roe had mysteriously popped into my life again - it was like he was hiding behind a pillar and tapped me on the shoulder. We still don't know where the bottle of Owen Roe Cabernet Sauvignon came from when we found it on the counter at home last week, but it was good.  So, I snapped this pic and grabbed a bottle of their Pinot Noir to try.

Owen Roe Sharecropper's Pinot Noir `09 is a very, very good wine.  It is a gorgeous wine that has a deep flavor (tasting notes say cherry cola, and I agree with them).  It paired really well with Cabot extra sharp cheddar and wheat thins.  Not so great with the granny smith apple that was left over from breakfast at Sugarbush, but PERFECT with nibbles of dark chocolate.  I think that there were subtle tastes of coffee as well, but it got confusing after my second glass. It  I didn't have the chance to aerate it.  (bad packing for this trip, I forgot my phone charger, an iPod cable for the car AND an aerator - oh, and shoes....)

On the whole, this is a bold, flavorful yet smooth wine (14% ETOH), with a deep dry/candied cherry taste (hence the cherry cola comment).  It was a perfect stand alone sipping wine with cheese and wheat thins and we liked it. Owen Roe, you have a fan. This Pinot was a vacation splurge that was worth the $24.99.

Here is the view from my weekend.
I found myself just staring out the window each morning. 

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