Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Louis Latour Montagny 1er Cru La Grande Roche `08 (not TJ's) $15.99 ****

It is amazing to me to drink old world Chardonnay.   On a whole, I am pretty derisive about California Chardonnay.  Maybe I just forget that there are other classic Chardonnays out there, and then JPH brings home this bottle with a foreign label, and boom, I am reminded from first waft that I do like some Chardonnay.

This Latour is a perfect example of a very well made old world chardonnay. It is substantial, has a depth of flavor (minerality, sharpness, some peppery tingle that adds spice), no oak, and a light scent of flowers (which is in direct contrast to the clean, menthol finish. This is a white wine with a heft to it, from first smell to lingering after-taste. For me, it is like driving a Bentley after driving a Mazda Miata and thinking  was cool.  (There is just no comparison, and I realize that I can't be trusted to drive a Bentley... I drive a borrowed Mini Cooper, but you get my analogy right??)

We had it with chicken breast smothered in tomato, onion & peppers and fresh gemelli with a mushroom tomato sauce. We used the wine in the cooking as well. It was delicious

Once again, I am going to share just how much of a neophyte I am.  How would you know that you are drinking a Chardonnay when you are faced with this incredibly fancy French label?  You wouldn't.  You would simply know where it is from: The Village of Montagny, that it is bottled by Latour, and that the French Government sanctions the region as special in that it is an AOC.  This isn't a wine marketed to entry level drinkers like me. The sole clue for me is name recognition.  If it says that it if from Maison Louis Latour, I would seriously consider the wine.  It is an old world label (since 1797); This is a patriarch of modern wineries.  Just like a Bentley, it is big, old, kind of stuffy, but classic and gives you a rich, slow ride. One of my earliest experiences with wine was with Latour Montrachet, I loved it then, and twenty years later, I love it now.

In a bit of New World/Old World wimsey, 
VCE showed me this  picture in the morning paper.  
In my dream farmhouse kitchen, there will be room for this light fixture.
Leitmotiv Pendant Lamp, Vino Glass, Eibert Draisma Design

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