Sunday, January 23, 2011

Colosi Nero d'Avola Sicilia IGT `09 IGT $12.99 ***(*)

JPH had to talk me into this wine.  Pretty label,  Nero d'Avola, good price point, Sicilian... what's not to love?  I was critical on first sip.  I said, "the finish is sour".  He said "no, it is rustic". I said, "it makes my tongue furry".  He said, "That is tannin, it's the skins - imagine all those women stomping grapes".  I laughed to myself as I mentally thought of Lucille Ball. I sipped and thought, "Ok, rustic, fruity, rough finish, but it is not THAT bad".  As JPH said "Not bad grape juice".  I ran upstairs and got the camera.

Dinner was on the table:  Mixed field green salad in red wine vinaigrette, cibatta, and bomboloni in sausage cream sauce.  I slowly sipped my wine, and said "It's not bad when you just take small sips." JPH said "nah, just drink it".  I grabbed the nuance from the counter and poured myself an aerated second glass.

After aeration:  AERATE THIS WINE. I was stunned.  The look on my face said it all.  JPH tried a glass of the aerated wine.  "Wow! It just exploded with flavor".  I simply nodded, because my mouth was full. He was right, and the aeration simply proved how right he was.  This wine blossomed, smoothed out and became a totally different, elegant wine. S. was on a conference call, so I couldn't solicit her opinion in the comparison.  If she hadn't been preoccupied in another room, tonight would have been Aerator Death Match Round Two, but I can't run a proper Death Match without S.

Blackberrys and almost overripe cherries with a subtle undertone of herbs.  Like you are busy chewing away on some delicious blackberries and by mistake, you chew a leaf as well. (comeon, I am not the only person that has done that!)  This is a really good wine.  If you don't aerate it  - pour it into a decanter or swirl it - even then you will see the difference.  This isn't an ad, I am honestly saying, this wine is what those commercial aerators are for.  You could get the same results with time, but for opening and drinking, (and instant satisfaction) I simply grabbed the Nuance (my latest aerator of choice - and I have tried three aerators so far).  It brought this from a wine that I had to be talked into to a wine that I would give to friends (and then laugh at their reactions after I watched them try it before and after aeration).

Because this wine brought out the Lucille Ball in me,
I will leave you with my favorite clip:

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