Monday, December 6, 2010

W. & J. Graham's 10 Year Tawny Port $32.99 ( Not TJ's) ****

I am a pyromaniac -  in the sense that I derive intense pleasure in seeing and smelling a properly placed wood fire (or a nice candle for that matter).  It is fall, the leaves are off the trees and we're so close to winter that the sky threatens snow every day.  Dinner was over, the dishes were finally done (after JPH declared that S. and I were not worthy because we left three pans to "soak" - geeesh.... But then again, he did build a fire in the fireplace....) and MEH brought out Bethump'd With Words: Discovery Edition. As she was setting out the game and assigning our colors, S said the magic word "Port?".  I dashed to the cabinet and opened this bottle.

Tawny Port is a beautiful thing.  Thick, sweet and perfect as a relaxing glass (or two or three) to sip. There are layers of flavor that are simply comforting.  A bit of orange peel, a lot of caramel, a hint of spice, and a wicked kick of 20% ETOH - seriously, you should ONLY sip this from a small glass and make sure that you hydrate yourself before going to bed. Port is shelf stable, so there is no need to finish a bottle in one sitting (unless you have a big crowd). Savor it, because at $32.00 a bottle, it needs to last for at least a few evenings. Port is a luxury, all wine is a luxury, but sometimes it just adds the perfect touch. If you haven't tried Port, and you live in a cold climate, try it, you might like it!

As for our game?  It was fun. I came in second to S. the champion. We spent over an hour playing by the fire, refilled our glasses a few times and then the evening was over. It was a great way to finish a Saturday night.

I'll end with one of the Christmas decorations that are slowly making their way out of boxes and populating the house (A Playmobil Santa set up on the chessboard):

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