Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vision Cellars Santa Lucia Riesling `06 $18.00 (not TJ's)**

It wouldn't be fair to call tonight's dinner "leftovers".  While I was in Maine enjoying a family Thanksgiving with all the traditional fixins', JPH & S were hosting an epicurean's delight Thanksgiving that included Turduckhen and 1977 Port. By the time I arrived on Monday night, the leftovers were gone save the gravy, and JPH decided to re-purpose it in a bechemel sauce for a Pork and Mushroom Lasagna.

I stared at the wine-rack with some confusion...  what to pair with this saucy, mushroomy mouthful and the mixed green salad that it was being served with?  JPH intervened when he saw my indecision, grabbed this bottle of Vision Riesling and waved it.  I had liked Mac and his story of developing his winery so much when I tasted his Pinot Blanc, JPH bought the Riesling to try as well.

Riesling is a multipurpose wine and I figured that it would lighten the heaviness of the lasagna.  On my first sip, I got the minerality and the grapefruit taste, but I missed the subtle sweetness that everyone else remarked on - I just didn't taste it, JPH & S both tasted the sweetness though.  It was crisp, fresh, slightly sour with a tingling minerality that all are marks of a Riesling.  Over all this is an ok wine, but were it not for being from Mac, I would say don't bother, and buy German/Alsatian instead.  It didn't make me go wow.  Especially not for $18.00 per bottle.  Sorry Mac, maybe I'll have better luck with your award winning Pinot Noir.

And if the taste of the bechemel is any indicator of the taste of the Thanksgiving dinner, theirs was AMAZING! Although there is something soul satisfying when sitting in Maine, surrounded by four generations of people you have loved your whole life - through thick and thin, eating too much turkey and then flopping down in front of the TV to watch the Patriots play Football in their vintage uniforms.  (I hate football, but I am nostalgic for childhood traditions)

I'll leave you with a picture of the 1977 Port served at Thanksgiving.
All I got was a picture 
but I have been assured that there is another bottle somewhere in the cellar!

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