Friday, October 1, 2010

Sineann Pinot Gris `01 (not TJ's) $22.99 ****

I've been drinking some really good wine lately.  Since only 1000 cases were produced of this wine, I am sure that there isn't much out there.  But if  you should stumble across a bottle, buy it and ENJOY IT!

This is a from a small Oregon producer, Sineann.  JPH dusted off a bottle for tonight's dinner and I had a glass as he was cooking.  It went GREAT with the bag of Deep River Snacks Rosemary and Olive Oil chips that were handed to me (these chips may be a new addiction). The saltiness and the savory taste of rosemary was lifted by the crisp pear taste and semi sweet finish of this wine. I was hooked.

So, I grabbed my glass and a handful of chips, sat and patted the dog and watched Aladdin as dinner was cooking. The second glass was even better than the first.  It felt heavy in my mouth, but it was a light wine, and the fruitiness was crisp, not cloying - but there was a hint of sweetness - more like a tease. It was like a lovely, light Gewurztraminer - I think that the aging of this wine simply mellowed it and added depth.  During dinner, I read the label, and I don't know if it was the power of suggestion, or maybe just educating my palate but when I read pineapple, and then tasted it again, wouldn't you know, I tasted pineapple.  When I told S, she tasted hers again, and she got pineapple too.   Now I want to try more of the Sineann wines.

This was also the perfect wine for a heavy dinner. The fruit taste and the crispness perfectly balanced the intense cheddar of the rarebit, and the wine was a terrific follow up to a bite of homemade confit mmmm comfort food!

Menu for a cold, wet Friday night:
Welsh Rarebit
Confit Duck
Confit Pork
Frisee Salad
Brandywine Tomatoes

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