Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marques de Caceres Rioja (DOC) `08 $9.00 (Not TJ's) ***

Did you notice that the bottle in the picture is empty??? And dinner is just on the table?? And there is a full bottle waiting in the sleeve behind?? Did I mention that Thursday night is my Friday? (I don't work on Fridays)... well, let's just say that there is a time and place for everything, and tonight's bottle(s) were perfect in the space time continuum, and this wine elevated tonight to a spectacular ok, just terrific supper night.

This DOC Rioja was fresh, bright, slightly acidic, with citrus hints. What kind of citrus?  Think bitter orange, and you would come close.  Maybe blood orange?  But GOOD.  Perfect with Truffled almonds, and PERFECT with a riff on Zuppa di Pesche from Marcella Hazan. I also introduced the house to the wonders of a rice cooker tonight.  Really, set it and forget it! Rice the easy way.

Back to the wine.  I did all the labor intensive sipping as JPH cooked dinner (He did use a bit in cooking too...). Hence the empty bottle and the slightly crooked photo. The Fish Stew (Zuppa di Pesche) was made with calamari, bluefish and cod in a garlicky parsley tomato sauce.  The wine held its own against the acid of the tomato sauce, and was a great accompaniment to the Bluefish (a heavy, oily, meaty fish with an amazing flavor when in season and freshly cooked - like tonight!).  There was also fresh bread that made it to the table after I took the picture.

If you want a crisp, slightly sour, dry white wine to cleanse the palate and round out a fish meal, this is a good choice.  I would imagine that it would also be excellent with sushi.

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