Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chateau de Macard Bordeaux Superieur `05 $19.99 (not TJ's) ***(*)

Thomas Jefferson had his claret, I have my Cabernet Franc blends.  (the only other things president TJ and I have in common is our hair color and our financial acumen)

This is a great versatile wine.  30% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Cabernet Franc makes this a very easy to drink table red that is mild, slightly fruity and has a finish that works with almost any savory meal with a hint of complexity. I really do think that this wine is made so versatile by the 50%Cabernet Franc that lightens the Sauvignon and the Merlot.  You still have a nice wine, but it just mellows the depth and density of the Merlot and the Cab Sauvignon, yet you are still drinking a distinct red wine hence my reference to Claret, an archaic word that evokes in my mind - just what we drank tonight.

After a run through the Vinturi: It has more of a finish and is a bit more cutting, but really, I'd rather just pour it straight from the bottle and swirl it a bit in my glass as I slowly drink it in between bites of a delicious, filling dinner.

Let me put that into a real scenario:  Dinner of leftover Anatolian loin of pork (my favorite roast pork - with butter, cinnamon, thyme and rosemary) re-purposed in a light veloute; White beans and garlic cooked in a beef stock and a sauteed ratatouille with just a hint of crushed red pepper flakes.  Now, THAT is a meal of delicious and complex flavors (and there may have been some fried potatoes with truffled butter...) - the quandary... what to serve with this delicious amalgam of tastes?  Well, nothing so heavy that the cinnamon would be overlooked.  Nothing so acidic that the subtle flavors of the beans with a hint of garlic could be lost, and well, the red pepper highlights of the ratatoullie, well, what wine to serve???

The answer came from the wine-rack.  JPH pulled out this Bordeaux, and a delicious meal was born.  The wine simply highlighted it and made every bit just a bit yummier. Do you think I am waxing on a bit too much? Well, no, because tonight's dinner is a great example of what pairing is all about. (sorry that I am not very good at photo composition)

The Chateau de Macard is a solid all around wine.  But, I wouldn't serve it with a fatty steak. This is a good, safe wine for any type of roast chicken dish, or something that just won't overpower it. That is what a good glass of Claret is for, wouldn't you say Mr. President?  (ok, so maybe we have been watching the John Adams HBO miniseries on DVD, and maybe, just maybe I have had a few glasses of wine before I wrote this, well, the fact is, it's my blog, and I am standing by it - I reserve the right to correct typos in the morning!)

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