Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marchesato degli Aleramici Rosso di Montalcino `07 (Not TJ's) $12.99 ***

Friday night is Pizza Night.  Not just any pizza, but pizza from Gennaro's in Glen Head. And what goes with authentic Italian Pizza? D.O.C. Italian wine.  If the guy behind the counter (Mr. Gennaro) is going to speak his native Italian AND make our pizza, why not honor that with this Rosso di Montalcino Sangiovese?

First Pour:  Bright fresh cherry taste, but dry.  This is why I prefer Montepulciano over Sangiovese wines, Sangiovese wine has a dryness that is a finish that I enjoy best with food.  There are no worries of me overdriking a Sangiovese (or so I have experienced so far).  A slice of Gennaro's Grandma's Pizza, some hot pepper flakes and a glass of this wine is a good, satisfying meal.

After the Vinturi:  It makes the wine even dryer. It still held the beautiful fresh cherry scent, the fruitiness was there, but the the finish was startling more intensely dry. I wouldn't bother with aerating this wine.  It is a good bottle for a casual meal, or as a nice dry red to have with heavy snacks/cheese. This is a wine that will hold up to a strong dish. 

Now I am already thinking about what wine to try with next Friday's Pizza Night!

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