Thursday, September 9, 2010

Domaine Gerard Millet Sancerre Rouge `07 $25.99 **(*)

Was I drunk?  Did I store it wrong?  This was a first -  a wine that I liked so much at a tasting, I brought a bottle home.  My notes from the night said: "dry - almost chocolate, rhubarb, cinnamon - serve with chicken, lamb, salmon".  This is a very light in color 100% Pinot Noir wine. I've had it since February and last night, we had it with grilled Swordfish.  I wasn't impressed.  I tried a glass at lunch today as well -  still not impressed.  As a matter of fact, I had a "What was I thinking?" moment.

After a run through the Vinturi... it did nothing but make it flat.  If you are into this wine, DON'T decant it. My guess is that it should be had while very young(ish) and straight from the bottle.

Menu: Grilled Swordfish, Pasta with red peppers, garlic and cheese (I did not cook, but I very happily dug in!!)

Maybe I just don't like a high acid, rhubarb tasting wine - the spiciness (to me) was all in the scent. This was not a smooth wine and it was too tart for me.  The finish was also a bit harsh.  But again, I wonder did it get hot accidentally while it was in my possession over the past six/seven months? My taste buds couldn't have changed so drastically, could they?? Was I THAT drunk the night of the tasting??? I wasn't alone in thinking that this was just an average wine, and for the price point, I just didn't see it as worth it. (with many, many thanks, photo by JPH, as I seem to keep forgetting to turn off the Nikon - this is not the way to keep a battery happy...)

Per their importers, Gabriella (this is what they wrote about the `08):

Situated near Bué, the Millet Family has been making wine for over four generations. Gérard Millet owns and runs this 12 hectare domaine, centred around the village of Bué en Sancerre. Their Sancerre vineyards are situated along the Loire River approximately two hours south of Paris. Their wines are marked by intense aromatics, fresh acidity, and a dry flinty quality. Red Sancerre is made from Burgundy's Pinot Noir grape, and is only produced in relatively small quantities, hence it is seldom seen outside France. In contrary to most red Burgundies it is typically drunk relatively young.

100% Pinot Noir - Showing remarkable depth and complexity with restraint and class. Earthen cherry fruit in a tight, bright package. Very Burgundian in style and body; marked by intense aromatics, fresh acidity, and a dry flinty quality.

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