Monday, September 20, 2010

d'Arenberg The Stump Jump Shiraz `08 (not TJ's) $14.99 ***

Who knew? I like Shiraz.  This is a good bottle from South Australia. JPH unscrewed the bottle while he was brazing lamb shanks for dinner.  The smell drew me in to the kitchen and I had a pleading look on my face.  Since it would be silly for me to bury my head in the braising pot (I was starving), I appeased my appetite by pouring a glass and starting a review.

First pour:  mmmm a mouth full of blackberries.  Good, fresh blackberries.  No oak to speak of and not much of a finish.  It was mouth watering. There was a bit of an after burn, I looked at the bottle and realized that it was 14.5%.  Yikes.  A good, strong wine - to say the least.

After the Vinturi:  Not much of a difference.  I wouldn't bother.  Just take a big fruity sniff, have a big, fruity mouthful and enjoy this wine.  We pay a Gold Coast premium on this wine, I know that it can be had for a lot less that $14.99.  If you like a nice fresh, fruity Shiraz, I would go for it.

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