Sunday, September 12, 2010

Auratus Quinta do Feital Alvarinho-Trajadura `09 $15.99 (Not TJ's) ***

After a very bad experience with Vinho Verde, I drank my first sip with trepidation - it was a good sign that this wine is a pretty, light gold hue  - which was dramatically different from my last foray into Vinho Verde.

This is a Portuguese white wine made with with Alvarino and Trajadura grapes. After tasting, I simply considered it grapefruit in a glass (which to me is a novelty, as with a kidney transplant, I am not allowed to have grapefruit - it interferes with my medications).  This blend is tart, refreshing and has a slight mineralty with a crisp citrus taste. Auratus is easy to drink both with and without food. Serve well chilled and this is a solid, refreshing summer wine.

We had it with a dinner of "Saturday Surprise" - yummie leftovers and a fresh quiche straight from the oven. This wine held its own against the buttery homemade crust of the quiche and the custardy filling with a hint of nutmeg and pancetta. It also fared well with the leftover braised smoked duck in red cabbage. I could imagine this wine in a variety of informal meals where a refreshing, tart white wine is called for.

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