Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rioja Solnia `07 (Not TJ's) $12.99 ***

The conundrum of the week for me was "What to have for dinner on Friday night?" It was just me, the dog and the cat. Hmmm, I was in a rush to get to the house, as the pets needed to be fed and more importantly, let out.  So, no stopping for takeout.  I would raid the larder.

As I drove along, it occurred to me that the very nice cheese lady at the Harlem Fairway had given me a taste of Bianco Sardo, a Spanish cheese.  I liked it so well, I bought some.  Hmmm, that was in the fridge for sure. With Spanish Cheese goes Spanish wine!  Whoohoo.  I knew that the Rioja was just waiting to be opened. (ok, sitting on the rack trying not to be thrown to the floor by an over exuberant octogenarian dog who will stop at nothing to eat the cat's dinner... but I digress.... ) Dinner was: Bianco Sardo; Salami of unknown origin; from the cabinet some french toast rusks of unknown vintage and Rioja Solnia. A nice, quiet Friday night. And yes, the dog tasted some of the salami. I like to share.

This Solnia is old vine Tempranillo, from La Rioja Spain.  I see this as an ok everyday table wine - but there is cheaper and better to be had, hence the two stars (After a glass the next day, I upped it to three stars)- it is all about the price point. It seems "alive" at the first sip.  Not effervescent, but definitely not flat.  It is lively - for lack of a better description.  It smells of tobacco, yet is fruity - Raspberries.  Once again, I love that wine can smell one way and taste totally different. It is a sharp, dry wine.

After the Vinturi: DON'T DECANT IT! The wine became flat, boring and kind of dense.

As I was reading about this wine, I stumbled across another wine blog, I like it.  It is brief and to the point. The Frugal Oenologist  - He bills himself as a "wine curmudgeon" - I love it! (I am partial to curmudgeons)

Update:  I had a glass of this the next day, and the wine got even better.  I originally gave it two stars because of the price, but it really is a solid three star wine.  A good everyday wine that you can be secure in serving.

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