Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grant Burge Tawny Port 10yo (not TJ's) $29.99 ****

There is something about finishing a meal and having a nice glass of Port. This is from the Barossa Valley in Australia, and it was a great find.  (I have to credit JPH) As we sipped and talked about the bottle, we were surprised that it was so good, so inexpensive (for Port) and well, from Australia.  What a surprise, and lest you think that the dinner table is highbrow, we started speaking in bad Australian accents and kept it up through the dessert Torte.

Grant Burge Wines knows what they are doing. It is smooth, rich, fruity and just lovely.  I will be sipping from this bottle for a while, and then maybe I'll splurge and try the 20YO. This is a blend of grenache, mataro and shiraz, but to me, it is less wine like and a slightly sweet, golden raisin flavor. It was a hit at the table, and glasses were refilled a couple of times. This is a great Port, and an excellent buy at $29.99.  This is a bottle to be opened and enjoyed over a few weeks.  We had it on a Thursday night after dinner but it could also be an aperitif for a formal Sunday dinner as well, it does stimulate the appetite.  It is just good drinking.  But I think I prefer it as an after dinner drink. Later this week, I am going to try it with cookies!

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