Thursday, July 8, 2010

Medici Solo Lambrusco `09 (not TJ's) $15.99 **(*)

Sparkling, dry, red wine. I tasted this at a tasting, and I thought "FUN". I brought it to Long Island, and we popped it in the fridge.  It came out for an afternoon of leftovers, it wasn't the most popular bottle from the weekend.  Effervescent, blackberry, nice.  Even with wine drinkers in the house, the bottle remained in the fridge until the next day. NEVER a good sign.  There was nothing wrong with it per se, but there was nothing outstanding either, just the novelty of drinking a dry red, sparkling wine.  Sadly, novelty wears off but it was good with homemade brownies - mmm fruity fun, and it balanced out the rich chocolate really well.

BUT.  One day later, I drank the wine.  It was flatter and fruitier, and a bit sweeter.  I am fully aware that you shouldn't decant a sparkling wine, but the next day this was a pretty good lunch wine Ok, really dessert, I had it with berries and the most amazing Citrus Ricotta creme.  It is in the triple digits here in NY.  Hot.  Not a time for heavy foods.  I think that my timing was wrong.  This is a Fall party wine.  As it stood, I enjoyed the last two glasses while we watched Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, what a GREAT movie.

I was at a loss as to what to write about this wine, so I Googled, and I found a great new to me blog about inexpensive wines: Grape Aid.  He wrote a good review for this wine.  I suggest you read his review here.

As for me, I'll try this again in the Fall, and update my review.

First Day:
Home Made Brownies (but really, what does not go well with home made Brownies?) **

Next Day:
Fresh Fruit, Citrus Ricotta Cream and Gentlemen Prefer Blonds ***

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