Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LaCheteau Vouvray `09 $6.99 ****

Impromptu drinks on a late Spring evening.  I grabbed this Vouvray, wet it down, and popped it in the freezer to chill while I whipped up some h'orderves. Meanwhile, in the livingroom, the boy tried to figure out how to add Green Day and U2 to my Pete Seeger/Johnny Cash Pandora Mix.  HAH! Foiled.  (although I do like U2 and some Green Day....)

A very helpful saleslady recommended this wine when I was shopping for Summer white wine - she knew what she was talking about.

This is a fresh, fruity, slightly buttery, semi-dry (sweet(ish)) wine.  It goes great with cheese and crackers.  I could easily see this as a nice chilled picnic wine with a salad.  The dominant taste is pear, with a slight effervescence, and it does have a slight burn in the back of my throat, so I'd say drink it slowly. It is a "thick" and semi-sweet wine, but it is not cloying.  I wish we had some Brie, I think this would be a great wine with Brie and Apple. Umm Asparagus, not so much.  As a matter of fact, it is hard to match asparagus with a white wine. Brooklyn Guy wrote some good stuff about pairing wine with Asparagus.  I think he is spot on when he says:

 "For me, the classic pairing is Sauvignon Blanc. I'm talking about wines from Sancerre or Touraine, for example."

He's right, and I am going to take his advice in the future, as Asparagus is my favorite vegetable.

My final thoughts:  Good wine, well with the money.  Impressive (even with a plastic cork!) It wouldn't hurt to keep a bottle or two on hand.

Salmon on crackers with a dill/ no fat sour cream
Deviled eggs with crispy chorizo
Steamed Asparagus with microplaned domestic Parmesan

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