Thursday, June 17, 2010

King's Ridge Riesling `08 (Not TJ's) $ 14.99 ****

I am leaving for Pete Seeger's Clearwater Festival on Friday morning. So tonight, it is leftovers. Cheese from Victor's first Holy Communion two weeks ago; Salmon from the other night with the boy, and I wanted wine, so it was the Riesling.

I love Riesling. It is fresh, a little sweet, and crisp. Like biting into a chilled pear, or a perfect strawberry. I used the leftover cheese to make a boatload of Mac & Cheese to freeze for future use.  The salmon mixed well with fresh dill, a bit of mustard, and no fat sour cream.  I dolloped it on some crackers, caught up on the phone with a friend, crunched away, surfed the net, listened to the Pete Seeger Bio on PBS, and basically loved my life in this little crackhouse in the Bronx.

Back to the King's Ridge Riesling...  Crisp, tart, nice.  Serve well chilled.  I had it at a tasting @ Bacchus, and I liked it.  Oregon is putting out some nice wines. I like it a lot, it gets four stars for being a good American Riesling.

Salmon, Dill, Sour Cream on Crackers
Multiple leftover Cheese Macaroni & Cheese

This is an eight minute video of Pete Seeger on the Johnny Cash Show decades ago.

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